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UPCOMING 2023 Brewing Plans

For those patrons who read our wall, we are currently on a waitlist as well for 1...or 2 more babies. So you are not alone in the waiting game. No, the other bartender doesn't know, but I have some time to convince him there is room at the bar. I have a package from Victoria Secret on the way that I hope aides in my convincing strategies. I'm almost salivating at the mouth because I am so excited AND IMPATIENT for these new signature lines.

If you haven't stopped in to check out our signature cocktails, maybe these upcoming mixes will have you wanting to tap in.

Zima (poly) x Cognac Malibu x Dos Equis Guinness x Dirty Martini Rum Chata x Dos Equis Mai Tai (poly) x Cognac

We are hoping for a lot of solids and smokes. Zima will exclusively produce all tabbies.

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