Our Top Shelf Males

Red Silver Maine Coon

Red Silver Maine Coon


Love at first sight definitely exists because that's what it was when I first saw this Top Shelf male.  Not a fan of red silver males?  I promise he'll make you one...

From his tall ear set, amazing muzzle with profile to match... he's everything I have wanted in a male.  Then after I waited a million years for him, his breeder told me her kids call him Marshmallow because he was one of the sweetest (extra extra sweet) kittens.  He's our perfect match.  Hopefully when combined with our female spirits... we will have some amazing silver pints! 

Dos Equis

  The most interesting cat for sure!  This RBF cat is far from a real Grinch despite carrying "the look."  He loves to roll on his back and beg for belly rubs.  He chirps if you don't get the hint.  I'd say he spends more time laying on his back purring in hopes someone notices ......and don't get me started on how much he likes to lick your face.  He thinks he's a dog.  So weird!  We adore him.  While some cats fetch a few times, he will bring a ball to you for hours! 

  He produces the beautiful blue and black smoke kittens.  His parents have very strong muzzles with long and tall bodies, and most importantly... healthy lines. 

Smirnoff (Retired)



This male is a beast.  Soju is neutered and my son's bestest pet friend but listed because he is what inspired us to want to breed.  We hope to produce cats just like him.  He is the most laidback cat we've ever had.  We like to take him to stores, and he could have 100 dogs barking at him, and he wouldn't be phased.  Very socialized and eager to be where the action is...