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Cuba Libre

When you take a Dos Equis and pair it with RumChata, every time... you get the same result.  The ultimate RGF (Resting Grinch Face) pint.  Born with all the extras like whipped cream topped with a cherry, so I truly believe he's perfection.  He has his dad's laid-back personality, and all the females dig him, but he doesn't even know how "cool" he is.  He cries when a human or one of his many moms isn't cuddled with him, but when he is on the move's just to the nearest buffet bar.  He's a big bear always packing everything down, and it shows with his large size!  This pint also loves an intense game of hide and go seek with Soju. They tag each other and you can see the excitement when they eagerly look to be pounced at their new hideout.  It's a hoot to watch!



 Yuengling is a favorite here at the bar, but we were waiting for just the right premium pint before using the name. This blue silver and white tabby made us fall in love from the very first pic.  He's got everything from a thick fluffy mane that follows down his entire body to a wide muzzle and mega chin.  This one reminds us more of a true puppy because he just wants to play.  It doesn't matter with what or with who... he just wants you to throw him something.  He purrs the entire game, and loves sitting in the bartenders' laps.  We imagine him being a favorite here once he ages a bit more and passes his heart and hip evaluation.

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Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan (Retired)

You like a high proof drink?  Well this red smoke will make you an addict.  His muzzle is soooo pronounced.  We are expecting big things from this new male.  He is a lot like Cuba so we feel we hit the jackpot here.  Another big wet kisser.  He gets overly jealous all the time and climb on top of whoever is getting loved on like they're not there.  He also can't go long without returning into our laps to be pet.  He's always wanting to be wrapped around our neck just like Malibu, but he's twice her size, so we're always so hot!  

Dos Equis (Retired)

  The most interesting cat for sure!  This RBF cat is far from a real Grinch despite carrying "the look."  He loves to roll on his back and beg for belly rubs.  He chirps if you don't get the hint.  I'd say he spends more time laying on his back purring in hopes someone notices ......and don't get me started on how much he likes to lick your face.  He thinks he's a dog.  So weird!  We adore him.  While some cats fetch a few times, he will bring a ball to you for hours! 

  He produces the beautiful blue and black smoke kittens.  His parents have very strong muzzles with long and tall bodies, and most importantly... healthy lines. 

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Meet our head bouncer.  This male is a beast.  Soju is neutered and my son's bestest pet friend but listed because he is what inspired us to want to breed.  We hope to produce cats just like him.  He is the most laidback cat we've ever had.  We like to take him to stores, and he could have 100 dogs barking at him, and he wouldn't be phased.  Very socialized and eager to be where the action is...

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