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Females: Females

Female Spirits

silver female mainecoon
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maine coon breeding

Malibu Rum

Silvers are my favorite, and this queen does not disappoint! She’s the life of the party.  The last to pass out…. always up for one more shot.  Definitely tries to find trouble, and don’t try to double dog dare her because she’s game!
When she does finally settle down, she probably takes the cake for most dramatic cuddler.  She insists on curling up by your neck, and if she isn't sure YOU know she loves you, she will keep scooting closer and closer until she feels you breathing on her.  There's no petting another cat while she's on you because she will nudge them all out of the way or make sure she's in front so you can't get to them.  A complete attention w-h-@-r-e for sure..    

Mai Tai (polydactyl)

We can't get over this polydactyl female.  She has a wonderful muzzle, big poly paws, and well amazzzing everything!!!  We call her our red fox.  She looks like one running around the house.  Unlike Martini... she's a girl who can't get enough treats and is always sucking up to you in hopes this means you'll toss her more chicken.  Our entire family seeks her out if they need a snuggle buddy when watching a movie.  She's the most easy going female we've owned.

tortie cat
Black Torbie maine coon
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Barista (polydactyl)

Not a drinker?  Well, this female spirit may be for you.  This Barista can make it all.  We knew the second Mai Tai gave birth to her; she was a keeper.  She's a social butterfly and one minute you'll find her wrestling with the boys, ...and then the next racing to be the first to greet you at the door.  She loves to play fetch and can't get enough love from anyone who will give it to her.  

 Zima (Polydactyl)

This gorgeous poly is Mai Tai's daughter… we are excited to see how she develops.  She was the clear standout from the very beginning.  She loves to play, and I got a feeling she'll be stealing my keys for a joyride before she even turns 1.  She is a loud talker every time you say her name.  She replies to her name being called with a huge open mouth meow.  The cutest thing I've ever seen.

silver maine coon cat
black silver maine coon color
Black Silver Classic Maine Coon
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RBF mainecoon
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One of our fiercest RBF females... her mean face is only there for show because she is a people pleaser.  Ready for bed?  Well she's racing you there to warm it up or have to get up early?  Trust me, she's kneading and purring in your face minutes before wake up time every single morning.  Never steals the food off your plate like the rest of the house ...instead she stands up on her hind legs and does the begging motion to politely ask first.  Cannot stand being alone, and when a human is not available, she is always wrapped around another cat.  

White Russian

Not normally a fan of this color cocktail, but had to add to the tap because she gives a buzz that lasts for days when take a look at her box muzzle, very high ear set, and amazing chin.  She comes from a line that has a history of ALWAYS consistently producing strong RBF pints. I'm thinking blue tortie with white will become a favorite at the bar.

blue tortie and white
blue torbie bi color maine coon
tortie maine coon
blue torbie with white mainecoon
blue tortie with white maine coon
White Russian
brown tabby color maine coon
female brown tabby maine coon
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black maine coon tabby
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black tabby maine coon kitten


This female spirit won me over the second she was born.  I can't tell you the number of times she gets told she looks like a lynx.  She's a girl who likes to have fun.  Rather be at the bar chugging one down or getting dirty catching mice.  You won't see this one trying to sip wine and watch cat soaps all day.  Now she is a momma's girl and if she's on the couch for a movie... she will hang as well.  We look forward to watching her mature and one day getting to know the top shelf males here.

New Tap's Name Coming Soon

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maine coon RBF
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RumChata (Retired)

Mother of Guinness and Cuba Libre, this beauty came all the way from Ukraine.  Her breeder did not want to part with her because this line has brought her GORGEOUS strong smokes, but due to the increase in violence, she entrusted her to me, and I hope to make her proud with this wonderful line.  She has proven to be the best mother we've ever had.  She tries to nurse, bathe, and cuddle up to all of the new pints at Mitcha Coontails because she's realized this is what she was born to do...  My husband says we're twins.  From the second I met my husband, I wanted a minivan because I was born wanting kids.  He says that should have been the first clue to run though... 

New Tap's Name Coming Soon

Check back for pictures

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