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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of one of your finest pints?

        Females:  $3900

            Males:  $4200

 All payments are made with Zelle or bank to bank wire with a mandatory sales tax of 8.25%  This is required by anyone in Texas selling animals, so if you didn't before... that breeder is doing shady business and dodging Uncle Sam.

Our cover to be a patron at Mitcha Coontails reflects the time and love we put into EACH AND EVERY kitten and our dedication to producing top shelf maine coons.  Our vets know me better than my neighbors.  Neither are shocked we name everything after alcohol; however, all would say that we love our animals like no other, and not many catteries can say they dedicate the time we do to each litter.  Money we receive from you immediately goes right back into our cattery, so our cats can live their best life ...and to slowly let our kids know they can't live here forever.​ 

In fact, I feel we offer some of the FINEST in the United States, yet my prices are the same as others who did not choose lines they researched and consider DNA testing the only health screening needed before breeding.  

Do you have any retired/older maine coons?

Occasionally we will have an older maine coon (1-5 yo) that we need to re-home.  These cats usually go to a new home at a low cost 0-1000 ...depending on their needs.  Since there are always many interested, it is best to email me every 4-6 months with your interest because once we have one, they do not stick around for long.  We like to give these to those who may not be able to afford one but really want their own maine coon.  I care more about finding them a home that will love them than making a buck off them.  I only rehome to people who are within driving distance and can physically pick him/her up.

I want breeding rights from Mitcha Coontail's Bar!!

Thanks for recognizing our cattery as one you'd like to invest in.  You spend hours, weeks, and months sticking your foot into many bars only step back out of most you visited, and well... As the owners of the finest top shelf lines, we like to do all the picking and choosing too.  Unless we seek YOU out, we will say "No" to ALL requests.  We are private and like all the drama we have to just be between the milk-drunk pints at the bar.

Friends Policy:  I'm a friend, I'm a friend... Gimme a pint!

I DO NOT SELL TO ANY FRIENDS [no exceptions].  I find it is those in this category that cause the bartender the biggest hangovers.  Suddenly our friendship means you get special discounts, extra visits, pictures, and I feel like there's a choke collar around my neck.  Trust me, I am saving our friendship and my liver this way.

Do you have a waitlist?

There is no physical waitlist.  We pair our pints with Designated Drivers that match their personality or lifestyle.  Helps greatly if you become a "regular" by participating on Instagram or Facebook OR simply emailing me your interest along with pics of yourself, kids, and other furry pints. doing this, I get a feel of who would be best fit to join our Mitcha Coontails family.  


Not everyone will fit the bill, but our kittens mean the world to us, so I owe it to them to weed out the people who may end up on one of those creepy fetish shows giving their cat a tongue bath. I do not want families that make us drink twice as much just to tolerate ya.  It is also not a popularity contest.  I don't choose the person who comments the most...  I try to take time spent at the bar into consideration, but as long as you are "NORMAL" ...I do notice even the quiet patrons who have patiently waited and wrote even once every litter sharing their interest in a particular or all our pints.  Nothing more is needed than patience.

Note that I don’t know a REPUTABLE bar who doesn’t have a long wait.  It also depends on how picky you are in regard to color and sex you want.  I don't take deposits because I don't want to tie someone down who just wants any ol maine coon. There are 1000's of those.  Our bar only carries premium pints.  Family is forever, and since we get to choose this family, we want to be drinking in good company.   

Do NEW patrons have a chance to be a Designated Drivers?

ABSOLUTELY.  Again sometimes these pint-sized drunks get DD’s that have just walked in our bar.  We don't "just" choose the longest seated drunk, but naturally who we like to see our pints with AND invite into our exclusive family.

Note, though I have picked at least one NEW patron every litter, there's no sliding me a Benjamin under the table or reminding me we played spin the bottle as kids, so you'd like to get picked first.  I get that your daughter's birthday is coming up and you promised her a new cat... OR you just lost your pet and need to fill the hole ASAP or you want to give your wife a retirement gift...


... well, I'll be frank.  I've heard it all 100 times, and it will not increase your odds.  It's not fair to those who have truly dedicated their time to owning one of our cats. Breeders who can offer a "quick sale" are often a scam or not top quality.   If you are picked, it's because you paired perfectly with one of our pints.

What if I don't do social media much?

There are many who just email me when they see a pint they like on tap, and then apply during Happy Hour.  Pictures of yourself, your own bar, and furbabies that live inside help a lot.  From there,  we just use our best judgement on who would vibe best with us and the new pint.

What is your kitten process?

At 9-10 weeks, I will make an announcement on Facebook, Instagram, AND under BAR NEWS on our website that Happy Hour (which is our kitten application) is open.  It is then the Happy Hour tab unlocks, and no password is needed.  It only opens for a day, but there will always be an announcement a week in advance so you'll have some clue to when it will happen.

It is there you can tell me which one or ones you like in the order that you do.  If it's just one, you can list just the one you'd consider.  I have the right to hold kittens back because they need to be further evaluated by me.  You will also give me a little info about yourself and your experience with animals/cats.


I spend the next few days picking Designated Drivers for our available pints, and I write back EVERYONE who I would happily pick in the future within a week.  If you do not get a reply from me after submitting an application then know just as you got to choose which bar you wanted to invest in, we get to choose who we'd like to serve.  Best of luck to you and your search for a pint.


If selected, you will get a video of your pint, and I will send you a contract for you to sign and send back to me within 48 hours ....and the TOTAL cost of the kitten will be due within 5 business days of receiving the contract.  Currently we only accept bank to bank wire or paypal.  It’s important to have all the funds in your account when applying to be Designated Driver or I will move to the next in line.  $300 of that money will be a nonrefundable deposit to hold your kitten.  I don’t do payment plans because I’m a typical Asian (OCD/Perfectionist), so it drives me insane having to babysit grown adults to pay on time.  I already have 4 kids, and let me tell you... I'm nagged out.  I appreciate a seamless process for both of us.

You will have 10 days from date I give you to pick up your kitten.   No exceptions, and if you cannot because of covid, a death, job, your husband left you for your sister, etc… the kitten will go to the next person.  You will receive your money back minus the deposit (for my time, your place in line, and fee I'm charged to return your money). 

I reserve the right at any time to not sell you a kitten, no matter how far along you are in the process.  So chill…. don't be TOO much ...and BREATHE….  I promise you that our babies are worth it!​​​

What’s the password for the Kitten Application (Happy Hour)?

Glad you’re excited you found our bar, but slow down a bit and read through our Kitten Process to find the "password."

What about shipping?

We prefer you meet us at a pre-determined location in Cypress, TX or have us hand you your pint at the airport.  If flying, most patrons take the earliest flight and still get home in time to pick their kids up from school.  It's MUCH cheaper and preferred because it keeps things less stressful for your new pint. 

The person picking up their kitten MUST be the person I have been communicating with and have received a picture of.  "Surprises" will be matched with me surprising you with no kitten.  

You have 10 days to pick up your kitten from the date I give you or you will forfeit the kitten and your money (minus the non refundable fee) will be returned.

What health tests do your cats receive?

Well you cannot hang at our coontails bar without being in tip top shape. We don't do anything light here. We do DNA testing through Optimal Selection on 40+ gene mutations commonly found in cats including HCM, SMA, PkD PKDef, but then again ...every breeder does this.

We take the extra measure of having routine echocardiograms on all our breeding cats, and since it's said maine coons are the great danes of the cat world… we also get hip x-rays done by certified veterinary specialists.  These are big cats, so we don’t want to take the chance of contributing to life of pain for them. 


Then while your kittens are getting their wellness appointments, we perform a SNAP Feline Triple Test.  This screens for FIV, FeLV, and feline heartworm infection.   We make sure your kitten is examined by at least 2 different vets while under our care so there is more than one vet listening for heart murmurs and looking for any potential issues.  

We have been devastated a huge handful of times by paying 10k+ in testing, reproductive doctors plus the price of the imported cat to only find out he/she did not have the all clear to be bred or could not produce kittens.  No matter the cost, we believe in pairing our maine coons with the best combo of strengths and weaknesses to give you a top shelf cat.  

Can we visit our kitten or your cattery?

We do not allow visitors.  It is extremely stressful on my breeding cats to see strangers, and even if I had only 1 who gets stressed from strangers, she then brings that anxiety to the other cats.  Also, the added foot traffic can potentially be very unhealthy for the kittens.  My animals come first ALL the time.  This is also our home where I have four active kids running around (usually doing something that gives me gray hairs), ....and not just a place of business.  For their safety, I don't want to accidentally bring over the next "Jeffrey Dahmer" or the innocent looking Jared the subway guy (only some of you will remember him).

I will however give you regular videos and pics of your kitten.

When do kittens go home?

A question everyone wants to know... "When can we get our kitten, so we can kiss them to pieces and never let them go?"  I get it.  Trust me...  

They can go home at 12 weeks if they are gaining weight, eating well, and get the OK from our vet.  There are times your kitten may be held back a little longer.

How often will I get pics of my future pint?

I try to take a picture and/or a video once every week once you’ve selected your kitten, but I'm not just a brewer of the finest coontails, but a wife, mom to 4 very busy kids, and drunk neighbor.  Please do not ask for pictures/videos of them dancing on our tables or doing their favorite bar tricks... As soon as you have been accepted into our family, I will send you private videos whenever I have time [but definitely at least once a week].

What do you feed your kittens?

Don’t worry, the bar is closed for our babies.  They can only drink from momma’s milk bar, and we feed our kittens Nulo with a little chicken.

Do you sell XL maine coons because that's what I want?

Many of us were sold on that pic of this gigantic cat stretched out looking like it could eat us in one gulp. I get it, but the breed is already known to be the great danes of the cat world, so trying to breed or advertise them bigger than the standard is irresponsible and begging for health issues.  I would bet the breeder who does brag about their XL cats does not have their cats hips x-rayed.  Our cats average around 11-16lbs for females and 15-24lbs for males.  A good breeder would never guarantee size because it's unknown even if both parents are large.  

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