Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price of one of your finest pints?

Prices vary depending on the breeding pair, sex, and number of digits on their paws.

 Starting is:

    Females: $2800 - 3200 

    Males:  $3000 - $3800

For Breeding Rights - please inquire by email. 


All payments are made to PayPal, Zelle, or bank to bank wire.

New Prices are a direct result in the increase on almost everything. Our heart echos and hip x-rays are far from cheap nor are very regular trips to the vet for wellness appts and preventatives.  Our vets know me better than my neighbors.  Neither are shocked we name everything after our favorite drinks ;) However, all would say that we love our animals like no other.

Money we receive from you immediately goes right back into our cattery.  We are constantly adding another room or updating a room, so our cats can live their best life ...and to slowly let our kids know they can't live here forever.

We don’t take any shortcuts when it comes to their health, and believe giving them their very best life also is why our cats have a reputation for being healthy and well socialized! 



Do you have a waitlist?

Kind of...  I do not have a physical waitlist, but I will base who gets a kitten by when you originally reached out to our cattery combined with who stays in regular contact whether it be on fb, email, or instagram. doing this, I always get a feel of who would be best fit to join our mitcha coontail family.  This does not mean you have to write me weekly or like every post.  It just means that I will not choose someone who is unfamiliar to me. 

Not everyone will fit the bill, which means you may be skipped over, but our kittens mean the world to us, so I owe it to them to weed out the weird, completely insane, and/or families that make us drink twice as much just to be able to tolerate/deal with you.  

Also note there is quite a list of people who have been following me that will occupy this next litter(s).  Expect to wait up to a year if you are truly interested in one from us, but I don’t know a reputable cattery who doesn’t have a long wait.  I don't take deposits because I don't want to tie someone down who just wants any ol maine coon they can get their hands on.  I completely understand as I hate waiting too, so I never have hard feelings.  It also depends on how picky you are in regards to color and sex you want.  Some may not have to wait long.  Either way, one of our kittens are always worth it!

I know when someone waits to join our Mitcha Coontail family, they truly wanted a well loved kitten, and could handle dealing with this ol lady ….as I offer a lifetime of support. 

How can I cut ahead of the waitlist because I urgently need one now?

What kind of cattery do you think I'm running?  There's no sliding me an extra Benjamin under the table or reminding me we played spin the bottle and you were my first kiss... so you'd like the fast pass.

I get that your daughter's birthday is coming up and you promised her a new cat...

OR that you're my neighbor and you know my secrets because of that one time you had to carry me home...

it's not fair to those who have truly dedicated their time to owning one of our cats and have expressed interest some cases over a year.  

My advice to you is to find another breeder.  

What is your kitten process?

At 4-8 weeks, I will announce on our facebook page and on my website that if you are interested in a kitten fill out the kitten questionnaire on our website.  Only then will the password for it will be given. You will email me which one or ones you like in the order that you do.  If it's just one, you can list just the one you'd consider.  I have the right to hold kittens back because they need to be further evaluated by me.


Then I will choose based on when someone ORIGINALLY wrote combined with who we think would be the best fit for that kitten.  This is why staying in contact is important because it helps me understand what you may be looking for, and who I feel comfortable giving one of our very loved kittens to...


I will send you a contract for you to sign and send back to me within 48 hours well as paying the total cost of the kitten.  $200 of that money will be a nonrefundable deposit to hold your kitten.   I don’t do payment plans because I’m a typical Asian who is very square and does everything by the book…. so it drives me insane having to stress and bother people about paying on time.  🍺 

I appreciate a seamless process for both of us.

IF USING A COURIER/SHIPPING, that remaining balance will be due as soon as we coordinate a date. 

You will have 10 days from date I give you to pick up your kitten.   No exceptions, and if you cannot because of covid, a death, job, your husband left you for your sister, etc… the kitten will go to the next person.  You will have a choice of waiting on the next litter or receiving your money back minus the deposit (for my time and your place in line). 

I reserve the right at any time to not sell you a kitten, no matter how far along you are in the process.  So chill…. and BREATHE….  I promise you that our babies are worth it!


How do I know if I'm even being considered?

Before I answer this, please read the 3 questions and answers above this one.

If I have a litter and have opened up the kitten questionnaire, I will answer everyone.  Even if it's with "All the cats have been reserved."  If I don't answer you, AND you have checked you junk/spam folder... 

then basically you will be waiting outside the bar for a long long time.  It would be best for you to look for a different breeder. 

If we offer some of the finest, I only want the finest.  Do not think your political view, lifestyle, or religion play a part in our decision.  None of that matters to me.  I have to feel you love our babies unconditionally, can financially afford their sometimes expensive needs, and I want "you" as part of our extended family.  You know how "bad family members" can be... 

What’s the password for the Kitten Questionnaire?

Glad you’re excited to get a kitten but Coontails’ kitten, but slow down a bit and read through our Kitten Process to find out when the questionnaire opens up.

What about shipping?

I prefer people to pick up their kitten and those that do may be picked sooner, but I realize sometimes that can’t always happen.  

I will help you find a courier that will fly in-cabin with your kitten or drive to your destination.  This usually costs ~ $500-800 (depending on your location). 

Often times, it's cheaper to fly here to IAH, and have me hand you your kitten to fly back with in-cabin.  

You will have 10 days to pick up your kitten from the date I give you or you will forfeit the kitten and your money (minus the non refundable fee) will be returned.

What health tests do your cats receive?

Well you cannot hang at our coontails bar without being in tip top shape. We don't do anything light here. 

We do DNA testing through Optimal Selection on 40+ gene mutations commonly found in cats including HCM, SMA, PkD PKDef. 

We take the extra measure of having routine echocardiograms on all our breeding cats, and since its said maine coons are the great danes of the cat world… we also get hip x-rays done by certified veterinary specialists.  These are big cats, so we don’t want to take the chance of contributing to life of pain for them.

We have been devastated a few times by paying 10k+ in testing, reproductive doctors plus the price of the imported cat to only find out he/she did not have the all clear to be bred or could not produce kittens.  No matter the cost, we believe in only offering maine coons who have passed ALL tests with no issues.

When do kittens go home?

A question everyone wants to know... "When can we get our kitten, so we can kiss them to pieces and never let them go?"  I get it.  Trust me...  

They can go home at 12 weeks if they are gaining weight, eating well, and get the OK from our vet.  

Can we visit our kitten or your cattery?

We do not allow visitors.  It is extremely stressful on my breeding cats to see strangers, and even if I had only 1 who gets stressed from strangers, she then brings that anxiety to my other cats.  Also, the added foot traffic can potentially be very unhealthy for the kittens.  My animals come first ....ALL the time.  This is also our home where I have four active kids running around (usually doing something that gives me gray hairs), ....and not just a place of business.  For their safety, I don't want to bring people over who may make their home feel awkward, unwelcoming, and/or creepy. 

I will however give you regular videos and pics of your kitten.

What do you feed your kittens?

Don’t worry… the bar is closed for our babies.  They can only drink from momma’s milk bar, and we feed our kittens Nulo with a little chicken.

How often will I get pics of my future pint?

I try to take pics every 2 weeks, but I'm not just a brewer of the finest coontails, but a wife, mom to 4 very busy kids, and drunk neighbor.  Please do not ask for pictures/videos of them dancing on our tables or doing their favorite bar tricks... As soon as you have been accepted into our family, I will send you private videos whenever I have time which is usually at least once a week, but you can “expect” them at least once every 2 weeks.

Do you have any retired/older maine coons?

Occasionally we will have an older maine coon that we need to re-home.  These cats usually go to a new home at a low cost ...depending on their age.  Since there are always many interested, it is best to email me every 6 months or so as I won’t remember.  I prefer to only rehome to people who can physically pick him/her up.