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Kittens: Available Pets

BAR ANNOUNCEMENT: (Dec 1, 2023): 

 We have all paws crossed for Christmas pints! 


We also think we may have new taps the first weeks of Feb.

Again, we are "hoping." 


If you're wondering how you can ask for a pint here, when you can, or what the tab will be... you have not read our FAQS [entirely].   


Current Pints Available

Pairing - Each start with one of our highest proof males and one of our tantalizing female spirits

Aged - Distilled for 65 days and then carefully aged for 84 prior to needing designated drivers. 

White Russian Pints

(Coming Christmas  2023)

Captain Morgan (polys?)

(Feb 2024)

 Pints Coming

(Feb  2024)

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