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  • Writer's pictureLeanne Mitcha

This gorgeous black torbie will have pints as early as 6 days from now!! She was paired with Dos Equis for the first time, and I have no doubt the RGF from this combination will be killer! I am hoping there are a few polydactyl shots in there too!

With 3 new top shelf males, this may be Dos Equis' last litter for 2024.

We have a lot happening at the bar. Be sure to stay tuned for what's ahead.

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  • Writer's pictureLeanne Mitcha

"They just ARRRRRRR...."

I want you to be the first to know one of our pints crossed the threshold of drinking virgin daiquiri's to going full throttle into a female spirit. So let's all say CHEERS to finally being old enough for the GOOD stuff.

If all went well, the week of Feb 6th should be when we hand out cigars at the Bar. A little hint to the special lady. She's got big paws 🐾

Who will be there?

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