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"Mixing it Up: Lets introduce the newest Brew Cocktail to the Bar Menu"

Our Breeding Philosophy. A lot of breeders preach that females should be bred once a year. They often retire much later (4-6 yo), but those that preach this also seem to be new breeders. We follow the guidance of breeders who have been doing this for 20+ years...combined with the "Feline Husbandry" which is like the Bible to cat breeding.

Cats are not like humans where we need long periods to recover. In fact, the reason why many cats go into heat every 2-3 weeks... is because they were designed and prepared to have babies more often. Having many heats without mating can cause Pyometra which can be life-threatening... and in all cases, very serious. This is prevented by mating. I am thankful humans don't have this happen because it makes our headache excuse seem weak since sex is necessary for cats to prevent infection.

This also allows our females to retire at a very young age, which I personally feel they deserve, and I want them to have a long-loved life on the couch and not with their butt in the air. So our females get bred every 6-10 months, depending on their heat cycle, health, weight, and overall state.

So with that said, we've been keeping a secret. Mostly so we wouldn't be overwhelmed by patrons coming up the bar. Having 4 litters since Christmas has really run the bar dry. We have made the commitment to socialize and love on each of the pints like it was our first litter... so let me tell you, ...we do. This is why pictures have been slow getting out of the Valentine's litters, and I've taken my time to reveal the upcoming surprise.

We hope many of our patrons who have been seated for a while can be served by the end of summer. We are presently getting hearts and hips done on our youngest pints, and if all goes well... we hope to see Barista up at the bar soon. Our other female spirits shouldn't be too far behind. We hope with each brew, our quality stays the same and if anything,... gets even stronger without ever compromising health.

Guinness will be due as early as this Sunday!! 🍻

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May 01

Praying for a smooth delivery!


Mar 23

Love this for your females. ❤️


Mar 13

We love the time and amazing care you provide all of your cats and their babies. Congratulations on the great news. We will be thinking of Guinness and all of her babies! ❤️


Mar 13

Ohhh lala Guinness and The Capt. Can’t wait to see those color combos! Good luck Guinness, hope you have a smooth delivery. 🙏🏽🙏🏽


Mar 13

I am sure they will be beautiful...they really are such amazing looking kittens...each different in their own way...I love how God is so creative...I really do enjoy looking at your photos..and they are so clear in their eyes and healthy..I know you work very hard at what you do..God bless..know u r always loved..Justine:)

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