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Healthy Maine Coons - Echocardiogram Day

We are taking our ENTIRE crew to a board-certified Cardiologist today for their routine echocardiogram. Why again?

This only shows how the heart, and its surrounding structures are working in real time. Things can change soon after you are checked, so re-checks are needed to accurately get a picture of our cat’s health.

If your breeder brags about how their cats were DNA tested for HCM and that’s it… know this only checks a few genetic health markers associated with HCM and this doesn’t tell the breeder how the heart is currently performing. This does not show any leaky valves or other issues that could be contributing to the cat’s potential heart problems.

Mitcha Coontails wants to strive to serve as many high in proof cats as we can. We cannot guarantee all will be top shelf, and there will occasionally be a few bad grapes in our batch, but we will do everything “in our power” to provides shots both our bar and our patrons can brag about.

Dos Equis pictured here grumpy knowing he must be stuck in the car with the female spirits and not get serve shots.

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