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What to look for when buying a maine coon kitten?

So let me start by saying the first key to buying a maine coon is to do this sober. If you know our cattery, you know most things are done after a few shots! Often times new additions are added after a long night at the bar, and I wake up with a note from the breeder saying I now owe XXXXX amount.

This new "pint" did not come from me saying "you are the cutest cat in my newsfeed." That's where people go wrong. When purchasing this very expensive breed, you must also invest your time into a cattery. After months of obsessively looking at thousands of catteries, I COMMIT to my favorites and begin to follow them. It's here you'll find out whether they consistently have what you're looking for and if this is a cattery you can trust.

I have so many people write me saying they were scammed, and I never ask how.... because isn't that obvious? They saw a pretty kitten, contacted the breeder and they had a fabulous price, and paid them. Then when the delivery date came, they were ghosted.

Are you really surprised? I don't say I want a new car and not take a few weeks researching the crash test results, the features it comes with, and how fast I can get 70 so I can speed past all the idiot drivers texting and not moving when the light turns green.

When I first started, I looked for the prettiest cat AND did my due diligence to study the patterns of the breeder. Did they consistently share pictures? Did they get more than one like when they posted (which establishes some credibility)? ...and was there evidence of happy past buyers? Even more, I also needed someone who didn't seem troubled when I did ask questions...

Now that I've been doing this for some time, I need more... The one pictured in this post is NOT a color I ever wanted. Not even a big fan... but my goals and experience have evolved. Now it takes more than a few beers for the hairs on my skin to get tickled by a cat.

I spend the time slowly over the course of a year...grilling the breeder about the health of her breeding animals. Do they have problems when birthing (as a breeder, this is very important)? Are you going to lie to me and say your animals are never sick? What are the weaknesses in your cattery that you're working on? THIS is when I know if I can trust/know if this is someone I should proceed with. MOST will say their cats are all healthy and they haven't had any cases of stomatitis (A HUGE problem in the breed), hip dysplasia, entropion, and HCM...

Good breeders want to better the breed but by doing this, it does NOT mean by no means they won't encounter and have any of the above things. I'm looking for the breeder who will admit to it and tell me what they did to try to correct and improve on this problem.

Now back to our newest addition... I have spent a year developing a relationship with this breeder, and she knew how bad I wanted her line. This new pint has the high set ears I want and box muzzle that I love. I've watched countless videos of her moving and studied her gait, and several more hours over examining her pedigree and what strengths and weaknesses her grandparents contributed. She has it all.

Hopefully I will be sharing my second addition with you very soon too. I get goosebumps over him. I am excited and hopeful about the future of our line. I aim to better the breed and make my joy something my patrons experience and pass down.

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