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Start your Holiday Season off with a Mitcha Coontail's Happy Hour

Come for happy hour this Saturday and enjoy some of our finest craft brews that will be on tap all day (think business hours). It is then and only then you can apply for one of these pints to join your bar for the holiday season.

Not every RBF has to be the scrooge of Christmas. Ours tend to give you just the right amount of buzz that can get you through any visit from the in-laws.

You will be expected to fill out our kitten questionnaire in its entirety, and if selected... be able to pay the tab IN FULL within 5 business days. The bartenders here do not hesitate to pass on patrons that do not play by our rules.

Please read our FAQS on our website in its entirety before you apply this Saturday.

These pints can decorate your home sometime between Dec 1-Dec 10. So if you're looking for the ultimate Holiday present... see you at Happy Hour this Saturday!

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