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Maine Coon Taps Coming

Pictured here is a female shot from Malibu's litter

Good news and bad news... The good is, Zima's coolers are getting closer and closer to premiering here at Mitcha Coontails. We are getting pumped. She has begun to very slowly lose her mucus plug. We are hoping they brew a bit longer though... Please pray, light candles, summon the stork Lords.... that all goes well. Be sure to catch her x-ray that I'll post tomorrow on Facebook, so you can take a guess at how many she will be serving!

The bad news is... I cannot tell if Mai Tai has pints brewing. She is a big girl, so it's not surprising she's not adding MORE weight to her, but her milk bar teets aren't pink or swollen either. We will see... she will either go into heat again or only have 1-2 mega pints inside.

Cannot wait to share bar news about pints late next week!

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