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Happy Hour Time!

Happy Hour is here for Ireland. She may just be the sweetest pint in the brew... very adventurous and always wanting to play. The vet was very confident she would not need any surgery and her cleft lip was very minor... so it is only something that is cosmetic. If you were looking for a pint that has a little bit of an edge... she's your blue smoke tortie gal!

YOU MUST have applied previously at least twice to attend this Happy Hour. I want to try to serve those who have been trying for a while... and if I can't find the right match... I will open it up for others.

Please note I am a very stereotypical Asian. Give me rules, and I will follow them to the T. So when people read the instructions and think this doesn't apply to them... it lets me know you may not be competent enough to own one of our pints. Blame my momma for making me EXTREMELY Type-A.

We are hoping she gets a special home as she deserves it. I absolutely think she will grow to be gorgeous! ....about a month before we introduce more pints!!

Happy Hour Tab should be open and if not, please try rebooting your device.

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Miembro desconocido
3 days ago

I’m so sorry I Missed this possible opportunity. Have a convalescing SO that I’m caring for. Congrats to Ireland’s new DD. Bet they’re having a blast with this precious.

Me gusta

26 may

I Agree: Sweet baby girl, I too am jealous - needed to put in an application last year when I found out about this bar.

Me gusta

Maygan Steed
Maygan Steed
25 may

I love that little face 🥹

Me gusta

25 may

Awesome kitten someone will be pleased. 🍻

Me gusta

25 may

She’s going to be so beautiful!! ❤️

Me gusta
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