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Christmas Kittens - The Perfect Gift for the New Year (2024)

Elf on the Shelf is so 2020... Kittens on the Shelf is what's in and we want to be the bar that has it first!

We are hoping Santa thinks we've been nice ...with a little naughty on the side because we're crossing our paws for Christmas kittens. Literally due on Christmas!

With Cuba Libre?

Well no... he's just here to look cute and get you excited. Now he and the Captain tried and tried, but let's just say getting a hole in one is not as easy as it looks. I cheered them on and encouraged them to take any shortcut and even cheat by switching up and trading holes, but in the end ...they just need more practice. However, if Dos Equis is your choice of beverage, he nailed IT, and we are now waiting 2-3 weeks to see if we are brewing anything.

Who? That will just have to be a Christmas surprise! ...but the Bartender is horrible with secrets so the cat may come out of the bag sooner or later.

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Stacey Smith Poe
Stacey Smith Poe
03. Dez. 2023

Fingers crossed 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

Gefällt mir

01. Dez. 2023

Always love me some Dos Equis! Can't wait to see who he paired with. ❤️😻

Gefällt mir

19. Nov. 2023

Ohhhhhhhhhh yayyyy I can’t wait to see themmmmm!!!! 👀😻

Gefällt mir

Kelly Losch
Kelly Losch
10. Nov. 2023

So exciting 🤞 Dos Equis is my choice of beverage!

Gefällt mir

07. Nov. 2023

Good luck to all the DD's that are lucky to have one of these Beautiful, Magnificent, Majestic pints!!🥰❤️ One day when I'm ready to step up to bar, I hope I am lucky(blessed) with one of these one of a kind pints!!! Until then, I will sit back and admire them all!!! Thank you for sharing these Beautiful pints with us!!!🥰❤️😘😍

Gefällt mir
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