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Juicy Gossip?

My favorite places to go always have the best gossip. Hopefully we will feel our ears ringing/itching at the bar because everyone's talking about what's to come here in the coming months.

So... we don't have anything "official," but you know what they say.... if enough people talk about and wish it, it will come to fruition. Well, maybe they don't say exactly that, but we can use any good vibes as we tell you RumChata was woo'ed again by Dos Equis. This female spirit gives us the BEST RBF pints, and they never disappoint! It's who patrons ask about the most. We will have to wait a month before we know for sure if RumChata has any cocktails brewing.

maine coon cats in texas
RumChata - our Ukrainian female spirit

If that doesn't get your taste buds tingling, maybe knowing our two top sellers at the bar proudly learned their daughter, Guinness, celebrated her first birthday getting a little Dirty with a certain Martini. We will also have to wait a month before we know if this was a success!

September will be the month to make your way into the bar for these pints!

Texas kittens for sale
Guinness (RumChata X Dos Equis)

Is that it?


We want to leave you intoxicated...

There may be 2 long-awaited for pints making their way into our bar to be part of our top shelf collection Thursday. We got so drunk after learning they are coming early that we now have to work to SOBER UP, so we can safely be their designated drivers home.

So stay tuned to our FB or Instagram feed for pics of these beauties! If you do not have social media, our feeds can also be found on our website under the tab "BAR WALL."

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