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Upcoming Litters - Kitten Plans 2023

RumChata was paired with Dos Equis, the most interesting cat in the world. She will have the most amazing RBF pints mid Jan. These will be given to those who have waited the longest here, yelled at the bartender to hurry with the bill, and somehow still had patience to still like it here. Her pints have the longest wait, and I can tell you that those who will get her pints have all waited over a year “AND” are regulars here at the bar.

All our top shelf pints have now passed both their preliminary hip X-rays and heart echos, …so the brewing plans for 2023:

RumChata x Dos Equis Zima (poly) x Dos Equis or Cognac? Mai Tai (poly) x Dos or Cognac? Guinness x Absolut??? Malibu x Dos Equis

We are hoping for a lot of silvers and smokes in each cocktail.

If interested, find your favorite spot and grab a few beers, as you should expect to wait. Sloppy obnoxious drinkers need not apply. Slots are reserved only for those that appreciate the finest.

BARTENDERS REPLY TO EVERYONE they plan to serve. If we don’t notice you and do not get a reply, please know …it’s not you, it’s me. There are many other bars in the sea….

For more info like how to get on my “waitlist” and what the tab will be, check our faq section on our website. We appreciate patrons who read through it completely.

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40 comentários

myra arraz
myra arraz
05 de ago. de 2023

This nurse needs a bartender to serve her a loving pint. One she can enjoy after a long hour shift In this Texas heat! A sweet pint, a pint that brings warmness to the soul, as you take her in. A smoke pint, to blend in the starry night, looking at the stars and my pint keeping me warm 🙏


Lisa Granger
Lisa Granger
30 de mar. de 2023

Bartender, I would like to start a tab as I am loving this place!


11 de mar. de 2023

Wait for Rum Chata!! ❤️❤️❤️


06 de mar. de 2023

Always adoring and patiently waiting


03 de mar. de 2023

Loving all your pints!

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