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Inquiring about New Brews on Tap

So after a dry period, we have new brews on tap! To say we are so proud to show off this line barely grasps the magnitude of excitement here at Mitcha Coontails.

When you're serving a new line, of course there are many patrons lined up early wanting to get their hands on this special brew. As breeders, we understand. As patrons though, there are some things that should be put into consideration.

Most bartenders wait 3-4 weeks until even announcing something new has come. This is always for the same reason. While we do have the best job in the world, it does not come without emotional heartache. I have yet to meet a breeder who didn't cry and say they wanted to throw in the towel [more than once]. These aren't always the kind of birth story you hope Hallmark picks up and shares.

Unfortunately, there are several times we can barely stomach the countless (and almost always new) things that come up during these births and the first few weeks. Sweet angels gasping for air and the obligation you feel to save them all when it's impossible. Have you ever seen a mom tear apart a kitten they know is weak and sick and then proceed to eat half its body? Oh yes... What about see deformities that take you awhile to digest before deciding you must now pack up and leave your brand-new litter and mom for hours on end at the emergency room? To be honest, I spend so much time praying before each new brew comes and the second something begins to look rough, my heart races, and I begin an endless pep talk to myself until it's all over.

My kids always tell people I spend so much time at the vets office. It's true because they come first and thankfully our team of vets are amazing and pretty much have an open-door policy with me because they love my pints as much as we do! They are the only ones other than my husband who often see me bra-less, black eyeliner smeared from crying, and usually looking like a snow monster from the hair on my shirts.

So when a breeder decides to withhold how many are in a litter the first few weeks, please have patience and know there is enough on our plate, answering 1000 questions about what happened is hard. If we want to talk about it, we will. If we don't, we also have that right. This does not mean there's ANYTHING wrong with a litter, we just know from experience... a lot CAN happen. My focus is always spending all my time making sure each pint gets enough at the milk bar and gains adequately. My sleep schedule mimics theirs the first few days too 😰

What you should know is.... we know you are just as excited for the reveal, and we want you to be getting drunk at our bar, but have patience as we get those pints strong and healthy!

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