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** Happy Hour Approaching **

Ready to head into the door of your favorite bar to get your chance at swiping right and finding a match that only Happy Hour can quench? Well, find out what these exclusive pints will be looking for and if you've got the right stuff #nkotb

I thought I'd officially tell our patrons where my head is at as far as when those doors will open. Normally this happens at 8 weeks, but this time the Top Shelf title goes to the whole litter. I hate regrets, so from this brew forward... you can expect Happy Hour to occur between 10-12 weeks.

I will ALWAYS post at the beginning of the week that Happy Hour will open on "X" day. So as long as you are checking in every 2-5 days, you will catch it.

Who will get picked? This is where my heart and stomach are so sick thinking about having the very hard job of picking Designated Drivers AND trying to be somewhat fair to those who have waited a year. So know this.

  1. I have loyalty to those who have waited the longest. You may want a pint quick or think a long wait is unreasonable. Let me give you facts... EVERY reputable cattery has an equal wait. Those who don't usually also don't have that top shelf reputation you initially sought out OR are quick buys because their cats have not gone through the extensive testing. I LOVE that my regular rotation of vets like to brag about our cats, and when they get a purebred maine coon that came from a different breeder... they then tell me the LIST of horrible things wrong with it. Patience pays off.

  2. Just because you've waited the longest, DOES NOT mean I find you to be the perfect pick. Example: This litter is feisty. They are more affectionate than some litters but are more kitten playful (bite-y). So, the type of home matters to me because I don't want to hear you're giving up on your pint because it scratched your young child. Oh no... a kitten was being a kitten? Say it ain't so...

  3. Do I like you? This is simple. When you occasionally email me just to say "I'm still here" or "Guess what, my daughter just got accepted to Texas A&M (you'd be surprised the random things patrons love to share)... do I reply? If I reply ...even with a thumbs up or a yay.... it means I like you. I stop replying to those who are not a great fit for our bar or pints.

  4. If you do get a reply from me when you email, then know I have FULL intentions on serving you but can only serve what I have on tap ...and sometimes that may only be 6 pints or less. I am sorry, and know this isn't something I take joy in. I really like MANY of our regular patrons, and when I send out emails saying "Sorry, please try again..." there is lots of guilt, but the person chosen was equally worthy... equally great ...and maybe just had the right home environment for this exceptional pint.

Did you just realize you may not be a fit at our bar??

Our reason for "stopping communication/replies" back to you does not always have to be complicated. Just as you have a choice on where you'd like to pick your next family member, WE have the same choice. Take offense... a mean hateful email back only proves to me that you weren't right for our bar. I feel bad sometimes that I find someone too much or not right... but when I get hateful emails, I just thank the heavens above that I saved myself from DRAMA of an AWFUL extended family member.

Thanks for reading this long boring Bar Note. ♥


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Samantha Ochoa
Samantha Ochoa
Aug 14, 2023

I LOVE it! All of it! I just think your policies are awesome, brutal and honest! I just wish that I was here, at the bar, to be served!... lol- I am, lol but just not yet! My house is full, so that would be irresponsible of me, but O M G.... One Day! You will see! I just pray that you dont close up shop before that day comes... until then, keep being awesome and finding creating those PERFECT new spirits. I will just keep dying over here... waiting for my day! All they while, just cant get enough of that eye candy! 😍


Aug 08, 2023

I do feel bad for you but not really. This is exactly why it should take a year to get to know someone that wants to sit at the bar with your child. Most people show their true selves after time. I tell my sponsees not to get into any relationships for the first year and do not marry anyone for at least five years in order to get to know that person. Forever is a long time. Some people don’t know what unconditional Love is♥️


Aug 07, 2023

I’m just looking forward to the day when I can actually put my name in the happy hour. Right now still fostering a litter of feline leukemia cats, well actually only have one surviving now at age 2 1/2.


Aug 06, 2023

You have a difficult job but with all your knowledge love and patience all of your pints will be placed just where they belong. 🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼


Aug 06, 2023

I certainly don’t envy this part of your job. The pressure to find the perfect match for each pint has got to be gut wrenching. Very curious which pint or pints you might be keeping. I have a few guesses but will wait and see. 😉

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