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I want a maine coon like Dos Equis...

I get this ALL the time. I need a clone of Dos Equis. Trust me, I wish I could wave a wand and give you one! Unfortunately, that's not as simple as it sounds on the surface. Patrons think if Mr. Top Proof mates with one of the many female spirits ...the end result will be mini Dos'.

How many of you look just like your mom and/or dad? I am quite thankful my girls do not look like my husband. Instead, they got his desire to always serve others, to have integrity, and not cheat like mom does whenever they play ANY board game.

Though I cannot clone Dos Equis, he can produce pints that come close or even look even better than him. I am thankful that according to our patrons, the pints do get the very affectionate genes of their parents.

Below to the right is as close as I feel we have come to a clone of Dos Equis, and it was with his DAUGHTER not a SON.

I also wanted to show how sometimes our pints can pick up genes of a relative down the line. This is Malibu's Rum Shot with his Champion grandfather on Malibu's side. Pretty amazing!

Either way, I am proud of how our pints are turning out. I'd be happy to put any of them on our tap.

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