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At Mitcha Coontails, we raise exceptional RGF (Resting Grinch Face) maine coons with a lot of love, attention to details, ...and maybe a shot or two of alcohol.     

Dedicated to following a responsible breeding program, our focus is health and breeding to standard.   All our pints (what we call them here) get a comprehensive DNA test for over 40 genetic diseases (including PKD, HCM, PKDef, SMA), but we don't stop there... we also do echocardiograms and hip x-rays because it's just their outer looks we like to brag about! 

We are TICA and CFA registered and located in Houston, TX (Cypress).  The little pints are raised with 4 kids who are constantly handling them, putting them in strollers, and making them sit down for tea...  (my 2 girls are obsessed).  In fact, my girls have trouble sleeping at their friend's house because they say they didn't have their cuddle buddy.  Our neighbors think we own snow leopards and panthers, so we like to think we're doing something right.  The head bartender is a perfectionist (her Korean background) and always striving to have the best, so we can hopefully give you the kitten you've always dreamed of...


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