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The Reality of Breeding: Beyond Cuddles and Fluffballs.

I know everyone thinks I just cuddle with kittens as a breeder and because I do extensive health testing... our cats need kryptonite to crack. The truth is, even with the very best pre-screenings... we experience losses. Mother Nature doesn't always bring sunshine and cocktails to us, so there are times we must mourn over a loss that feels impossible to accept.

This one hit the whole house hard because we were considering keeping this beautiful extremely loving female. We had to put Nom Nom down yesterday due to something she struggled with since she was born. We are devastated right now and wanted to give our regular patrons a heads-up when you do not see her updates.

We will be opening Happy Hour up for all the males in a few weeks. Updates will be given as it gets closer to 9-10 weeks.

Also expect a few updates on upcoming litters.

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