Updated Plans and Litters 22-23

Malibu was paired with Dos Equis, the most interesting cat in the world. She had 5 pints who will go to their designated drivers the end of Nov/beginning of Dec. These will be given to those who have waited the longest here, yelled at the bartender to hurry with the bill, and somehow still had patience to still like it here. If you are one of these select, and are interested in the present litter, now is the time to maybe check in with me.

… and then we won’t expect a litter again until the start of the new year.

Assuming our new queens pass all their extensive tests, the brewing plans for 2023:

Mai Tai (poly) x ? Zima (poly) x Dos Equis RumChata x Cognac Malibu x Dos Equis Guinness x Cognac

Our new top shelf male is scheduled to come by the end of October.

We will also be keeping a male from one of these 2023 litters.

If interested, find your favorite spot and grab a few beers, as you should expect to wait about a year. Sloppy obnoxious drinkers need not apply. Slots are reserved only for those that appreciate the finest.

For more info like how to get on my “waitlist” and what the tab will be, check our faq section on our website. We appreciate patrons who read through it completely.


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