Our Top Shelf Males

** COMING 2022

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Dos Equis

  This blue kitten loves to roll on his back and beg for belly rubs.  I'd say he spends more time laying on his back purring in hopes someone notices and touches his very long body.  We adore him.  He’s our explorer (aka trouble maker). We can never find him because he’s always climbing into or onto something!  

  He will allow our cattery to have gorgeous blue and black smoke kittens.  His parents have very strong muzzles with long and tall bodies, and most importantly... healthy lines.  I’m sure he’ll prove to be another wonderful stud.




This male is a beast.  He is now neutered but listed because he is what inspired us to want to breed.  We hope to produce cats just like him.  He is the most laid back cat we've ever had.  We like to take him to stores, and he could have 100 dogs barking at him, and he wouldn't be phased.  Very socialized and eager to be where the action is...